Saturday, August 24, 2013
The Buyer's Voice. The Buyer's Choice.
" a whole new evolution in the marketplace ... designed to give (home) buyers easier access to the kind
of representation they want. " and deserve
                                                       Washington Post
Exclusive Buyer Agents are your Exclusive Choice.
Only a select niche of real estate Brokers are true buyers' advocates: EBAs. They work only for the real estate buyers, never for the real estate sellers. There are many reasons why having an EBA on your side gives you the  buyer's edge, but it all comes down to this: EBAs do not sell real estate.
While they have access to all the same resources, and more, than traditional agents, they do not promote the sale of any property.EBAs cannot steer you to company inventory where they can make more commission because they don't represent sellers. EBAs will never "double dip" you or the commission.
They are fully committed to real estate buyers, negotiating 100% for you. They offer you advice that you can trust because you
know they are 100% on your side of the table.
You're the Buyer; the choice is yours.